Find the Perfect Camping Heater For You!

When you go on a camping trip, do you ever think about how cold it is going to get? The temperature will start to drop and you will start to feel very cold. If you cannot start a fire outside, the next best thing to do is to light a candle, place it in a jar and place it inside the tent; not the safest thing to do though. You risk burning the tent and there is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.But technology is here to save you with camping heaters. The good thing is that there are many kinds to choose from, each type of camping heater having its own advantages and also its own disadvantages.1.)Propane camping heatersThis type of camping heater is powered by propane. What is nice about many of them is that they have fans that can direct the heat to where it is needed. Some also are started by an electric ignition – this means you spend less time trying to start the camping heater and more time enjoying your camping trip. Some propane camping heaters are so advanced that they give off heat without using a flame. If you want that kind, they are know as platinum and ceramic catalytic camping heaters and are safer than those that are flame-powered.One downside about a propane camping heater is that it can be a little bulky and you may not want to bring it just around everywhere. You also have to buy propane cans every now and then when they get finished. But you will be able to use it for other places like in your house, or even when you are going to do ice fishing. But you have to remember that while propane camping heaters are safe, you have to follow its instruction manual and use it with care. A Propane camping heater needs oxygen, so make you sure you have adequate ventilation when you use them.2.)Electric camping heatersOld electric camping heaters had a lot of problems. You could burn your tent down or could get shocked and electrocuted. It also wasted a lot of electricity without putting out much heat. Newer electric camping heaters now have a safety switch, and have devices that make sure they do not overheat. Another cool and nifty feature includes the ability to control the temperature electronically. It even comes with a temperature sensor – so you’ll know how hot or cold it is.Some of these electric camping heaters have ceramic parts that when heated increases its resistance. This translates into a hotter camping heater, and this means you feel warmer and you will stop worrying about how cold it is. Others have very many holes that heat the air moving through them.The camping heater gets hotter much quicker. This makes them much safer over the propane camping heaters since no gases are released.The disadvantage of electric camping heaters though is that they are a little more expensive, and you will need electricity to power them.With this information, you will definitely find the perfect camping heater. Then you will enjoy your next camping trip without worrying if it is going to get cold.